Lition product video

Illustrations were created by myself and then animated by Lorenzo Ugo, for Lition, a green energy startup company in Germany.

The story of the animation follows one of their customers discovering how they can sign up to using green energy through Litions partnerships with local energy producers.

Read on more to learn about the process, how the storyboard, styleframes and characters were all developed to create the final product.
Lition character development

Lition required an illustration style that could be used across static illustrations, iconography, infographics and animated videos.

The style needed to stay true to the Lition brand whilst engaging their customers and audience by appearing fun and positive.

Described as the ‘N26’ of green energy brands, the Lition illustration style needed to strike a balance between appearing fun and engaging whilst also looking trustworthy and believable.

Lition wanted to avoid looking too cartoonish, insincerely joyous or happy to create believability with their target German audience, who it is said won’t fall for the overly happy trope.

Therefore, characters were sketched and developed for use in Lition's product video that used a combination of geometric and more organic shapes to give them some warmth and character, whilst making them animation friendly in After Effects.
By creating a 'style dial' on the 3rd slide, we were able to find the sweet spot between looking too serious or overly joyous as described previously.

Storyboard development

Below, you can see the development of the storyboard to the final style frames to be used in their product video for social. Initially I created a storyboard sketch, and after a few rounds of adjustments, style frames were created from the initial storyboard sketches in illustrator. A consistent narrative was created throughout the video by utilising the line of the moving cable that connected all the illustrations together for the eye to follow along. Other trademarks like the glowing grain circles were used as a highlight tool within each of the frames and served as a grain texture on the characters as well to really tie the whole style together.
I hope you enjoyed reading through my project completed with Lition and Lorenzo Ugo!